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Digital Marketing is essential for every business and it is one of our main services here at Selected Marketing. Through our various Marketing Services, we work with clients helping them better their business and brand. A huge part of owning a business is Marketing & Sales and that is exactly what we do here at Selected. Below you can see 4 of the many Marketing services we offer here at Selected such as Research & Insight which is great for looking into your competitors, Sales Strategy which is essential for improving your sales and income and many more!

WordPress Services

bespoke Website Design

Using WordPress, we create bespoke websites for clients that enable them to find out the key information about a business or to give them an Online Platform to use for a specific task. WordPress is also easy to use, so that you can edit and tweak, even after we have left!

Online Store Design

An Online Store is one of the easiest ways to sell products online! Using WordPress  we create Online Stores where you can add as many products as you like, and even receive payments on your store instantly! We create fast and secure online stores so that you can get on with earning income!

Why choose WordPress?

WordPress is the platform of choice for millions of website owners, because of the ease of the dashboard and the extensive amount of extensions through Plugins. WordPress is our platform of choice because we believe that out of all of the available website platforms, WordPress is 100% the best around in terms of Speed & SEO Friendliness! We also choose WordPress because we know that our clients can continue to tweak and change their website, long after we have finished!