What Is A Virtual Radio Station And Why Are They So Popular?

A lot of games choose to feature music within their titles. From the classics of Grand Theft Auto to the Minecraft Theme Song, video games across all genres include some form of music however when SCS Software (Creators of Euro Truck Simulator & American Truck Simulator) decided to step away from traditional music and introduced a live, in-game radio player, some gamers wanted to listen to more than FM Stations and took it upon themselves to create “Virtual Trucking” Radio Stations!

What is a virtual trucking radio station?

A Virtual Trucking Radio Station is an Internet-Based Radio Station, equipped with full teams of Presenters, Management Staff, Website Developers, and even full communities that are built to replicate the likes of CapitalFM & BBC Radio 1. Stations such as CargoFM and more are doing a fantastic job of creating professional stations and providing a great experience for visitors.

However, It isn’t as easy as hosting a website and playing music, some of the operations behind the scenes are something of a Full-Time Job. When we decided to write this article, we got in touch with the Management Team at CargoFM to find out more about how they started CargoFM and the work behind the brand!

Image: Cargo.FM (Website)

Cargo.fm – Delivering only the best simulation music

Cargo.FM is one of the many radio stations within the “Virtual Trucking” world and they do provide a good experience! However, they haven’t always existed as a station and a brand. We managed to get an Exclusive Interview with the management staff at CargoFM and we asked some questions to find out more!

Can you explain how you started CargoFM?
“We were both presenters at another station at the time and we could see that more and more online stations were popping up by the day. We both thought about the idea of creating a Station but a station what broadens out to the wider simulation and gaming community and create a station that’s for everyone.” – Rob Co-Founder (CargoFM)

” When we first thought of the idea, we wanted our main aim/vision to make a radio that’s accessible to everyone and anyone. We wanted to make the online radio community a much nicer and friendly place to be that accepts people for being who they are.” – Ricky – Co-Founder (CargoFM)

Want to join the Cargo.FM Community? Join Their Discord

How did you create CargoFM? What was the work Behind The Scenes like?
” After we built up the Discord, we had quite a lot of backing from the community so we found the staff to help us proceed with our dream. We then set out to find Website Developers who built our website from scratch. Rob bought the licenses and then we were ready for launch. We launched our landing page on the 14th of January 2019 and then we fully launched on the 21st of January and had a full lineup of presenters rearing to build up our listener base. We received some backlash but that didn’t stop us from achieving what we’ve always wanted to do. ” – Ricky Co-Founder (CargoFM)

” Finding the licenses was easier than I expected. we kind of knew which ones we would need and the people at PPL and PRS was very helpful which made thins so much easier and less stressful. ” – Rob Co-Founder (CargoFM)

Backlash? What happened?
” The backlash wasn’t really bad, we had a few other radios try and stop us due to our first site “looking like a similar website in the community” however, they were only saying this because we were new to the scene. This only empowered us and made us stronger.” – Ricky Co-Founder (CargoFM)

Is your position as Owners difficult? What does a typical day include?
” I wouldn’t say our job as owners is difficult, it can be stressful at times but that stress and hard work pays off in the community. As we’re being added into a game soon which has been in the works behind the scenes for months ” – Ricky Co-Founder (CargoFM)

” Our aim is for the wider sim community, not just trucks as there are so many trucking radios and only 2 including us that do the wider sim community ” – Rob Co-Founder (CargoFM)

How did you think of the name “CargoFM”?
” We thought of the word Cargo because it can fall into pretty much any simulation game such as: flight simulator, train simulator, farming simulator, and truck simulator – they all carry ‘cargo’ ” – Ricky Co-Founder (CargoFM)

” As a wider simulation community, we didn’t want to have a name that made us sound like we were another trucking radio so we came up with ideas for things you do in other sims and we thought that you carry cargo in trucks. trains and tractors so hence Cargo fm ” – Rob Co-Founder (CargoFM)

What is the team like at CargoFM? Do you have a lot of presenters & staff?
” We have a growing team at the moment, we have a full team of Operation managers and Discord moderators, we’re getting more presenters in which is good.” – Ricky Co-Founder (CargoFM)

” We have a small team at the moment which we have built up since launch and we are always on the lookout for new talent so if you got what it takes then why not take a look? ” – Rob Co-Founder (CargoFM)

What advice would you give to somebody thinking about becoming a Presenter or a Station Owner?
” I would give this advice to anyone who is thinking about presenting: be yourself and don’t be shy. And most importantly don’t let anyone else tell you you’re not good enough, here at CargoFM we give new presenters a chance to grow and learn new skills rather than turning you away. ” – Ricky Co-Founder (CargoFM)

” Id say if you have a passion for music and a love for radio then go for it. it’s not an easy road at first and a lot of hard work blood, sweat, and tears but it worth it in the end when you see the rewards. ” – Rob Co-Founder (CargoFM)

Listen To CargoFM Here!

Image: CargoFM (Website)

Real presenters, real music

Now on titles such as Grand Theft Auto, they contain “recorded radio” which was created specifically for the title and the stations are voice actors. The stations involved within the Simulation Scene are Real Presenters, playing Real Music. From providing Real-Time Traffic Reports to taking Listener Requests, you would never be able to tell that these stations are being presented by people as young as 15 years old! These stations even include Advertisements from content creators and brands surrounding the station, We think that it is safe to say that these stations are not a small-time operation!

One day, these Trucking Stations will grow to be the same size as Capital & BBC Radio 1, it is only a matter of time!

A Huge Thank You To:
Rob & Ricky – Cargo.FM for the Interview
The Radio Community for the Information

Listen to Cargo.FM Here

Ryan Houghton – Selected Marketing

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