Virtual Door Knocking – How To Grow Your Business Or Avon On Facebook!

So it is no secret that everyone wants to grow their business using Social Platforms such as Facebook as it provides a global reach of billions and it also allows every user to potentially be a customer to a business. The only issue is that when you post adverts and you post on your Pages, it sometimes doesn’t reach people well enough to get them to take action, and this is one of the major issues with Facebook, until recently, the Virtual Door Knocking method was created by one of the Avon Sales Leaders and it really is fantastic!

Virtual Door Knocking? How?

So Virtual Door Knocking is really easy and it can provide fantastic results quickly! Read below as I explain how you can use this method to grow your Business Online!

Screenshot From Facebook

So when you visit your Facebook Home Screen on a Desktop (You can use the Mobile App Accordingly), on the left side, you will see an “Explore Section”. Select “Groups” from the list and visit the page of groups. If you haven’t joined any groups then go to the search at the top of Facebook, search for groups to join, maybe around your Local Area or Niche.

Screenshot From Groups On Facebook

When you visit the Groups page from the Explore Section, you will be able to see the groups you are in on the left hand side, this is where you will find your groups to use in order to find the “doors to knock on”. Select a group that you would like to use, Using Groups that people sell in are essential as the posts that we will be using are Sale Posts.

Photo From A Group On Facebook

When you visit the group, scroll through and look for sale posts. These are typically posts with the “Message Seller” button at the bottom. It’s this message function that we will be using in order to contact the person in question as it doesn’t appear as a message request, it goes directly to the users phone and appears as a message. You can plan your message such as:

“Hi NAME, I am message to ask if you would be interested in BUSINESS.”

Try Messaging some Sellers on Facebook and see what response you get!

Written By Ryan Houghton
Managing Director – Selected Marketing

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