The Bargain Box - Case Study

Case Study

The Bargain Box


About The Client:
The Bargain Box is a Small Retail Store located in Goldthorpe, Rotherham. They specialise in Liquidation Stock and providing great products at great prices.

How did we work with the Client?:
We began working with The Bargain Box at the start of April 2019 providing a range of services from Social Media Management to SEO & Google MyBusiness. The first request that the client had was that they wanted to appear as a Location when searched on Google Maps. We made that possible by creating and setting up their GoogleMyBusiness profile accurately. The next step we took with the client is to create a Facebook Page to ensure that they have a platform to reach more people. We worked with them to develop a plan and strategy that allows them to post about a product in store, once a day. This way, people are visiting the page to see what products they have in stock, which is a great use of Social! 

The Results:
After working with The Bargain Box, we left them with some fantastic results. Overall, their Social and Engagement was increase by over 100%. They now see up to 1,000 per post which is fantastic! Alongside that, they see a lot of impressions from Google MyBusiness and various customers have used the listing as a pinpoint for Google Maps, allowing them to find the premises. This has helped to increase awareness and also sales.

Services This Client Received:

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