Sub-Contracting & Outsourcing.

Sub-Contracting to Selected Marketing

Outsourcing your work to other People and other Agencies is usually a thing of great difficulty, however here at Selected, we want to make a dedicated area to Outsourcing & Sub-Contracting so you know exactly how to forward your work and still work on your Agency and your Clients!

What is sub-contracting/outsourcing?

Outsourcing or Sub-Contracting is the practise of passing work onto another agency or person under your agency name. For example, if a client came to your agency and asked for some website design work, outsourcing would be where you contact another agency such as Selected Marketing to carry the work out for you for a reduced cost. This allows you to make a profit and income from the work, without actually carrying out the work yourself. Everything stays the same though, your agency name in the footer, you can add it to your portfolio, everything.

How is outsourcing helpful?

With more and more Agencies receiving clients every day, we know as an agency how stressful it can be and sometimes, you just don’t have the staff to work ratio and you need an extra pair of hands. The work is carried out to reflect the standard of your agency and nobody would know that you have outsourced the work, apart from Selected and yourself! It really is a great way to get work done and still make a profit!

What happens now?

All of our Outsourcing Requests is forwarded to our Managing Director who will then read the information of which you have entered and get back to your as soon as possible. His response will be to provide a price and find out any extra information that we might need. 

After the work is completed, an invoice will be created and sent to the email of which the form was submitted. Information such as Payment Methods, Cost and more will be included in the Invoice.