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Online Store Design

Selling products or services online seems very easy. With platforms like Ebay existing, people think that selling products online and earning an income is easy. However selling through Ebay can come with listing costs and tax etc, which can put a darkening on selling online and that shouldn’t be the case!

Our team at Selected Marketing has experience with creating Online Stores using WordPress and WooCommerece. Owning an online store of your own has a lot of additional benefits too, such as being able to sell anywhere from 10 to 10 million products!

Find out more about our Online Store Design process below!

Our Online Store Design Process:

Step 1

Our first step when creating an Online Store is to plan the design and layout of the online store. This is done on a range of factors such as what the client is going to be selling on the site, the colour scheme and more. Our team will work to create a design like no other, that allows the client to make money selling products online.

Step 2

Our second step when creating an online store is to tweak the plan as the client gives the team feedback to ensure that what we build for the client and the store they receive as a finished product is what they had in mind when coming to Selected Marketing.

Step 3

Our third step is to create the store design. Following the final plan as a result of step 2, our team will work on your online store design and they will work to create your final result within 7 days. Our team work to follow the plan from step to stage to make sure that the final result is just like the plan.

Step 4

Our fourth step is to look through the website and tweak any areas. We then spend some time with the client, making any changes and tweaks that the client needs before signing the store off and letting them open for business!