With many businesses only just entering the “start-up” stage, a lot of businesses need the help of a Marketing Agency however they can’t always afford Marketing Agency costs. This is an issue that a lot of Small Business Owners face. 

Here at Selected Marketing, we offer our Start-Up Strategies to Small Business Owners. This is where we work with each Small Business Owner on creating a strategy that can really help with getting their business off the ground! Our strategies are created uniquely for every client, meaning that every business is following a plan of their own.

We also work closely with the Small Business Owner to give advice and education in regards to platforms such as Social and why Social is important for each business.

This means that each and every business has a chance of success in the business world, even if they don’t have an unlimited budget!

Our Start-Up Process:

Step 1

Our first step is to discuss with the Small Business Owner in order to get an understanding of how far through the “start-up” process they are and how our strategy can be developed to match their targets and aims. We also look into the channels that they could already have created such as Social Pages and maybe a website. If they are missing certain channels, we will let them know!

Step 2

Our second step involves our team. We will take a look back through the research that we have carried out in step 1 and plan our strategy accordingly. We also include information around the areas we think they are missing, so that we can educate and advise, within the strategy. This step gives us chance to display our strategy to the client and allow for tweaks before we create and publish!

Step 3

Our third step is where we write up our strategy for the client. This allows us to put everything we have researched and planned into a strategy of which we will create so that the client can easily follow. We will also guide them through every part of the strategy, just to make sure that they progress as they should and that their business can progress through the Start-Up stage and onto growing into a successful giant.

Step 4

Our fourth and final step is the research step. This is where we follow the strategy and look at the results. This allows us to see what areas of the strategy are working and what parts of the strategy might need tweaking or changing. We will then look at the overall strategy and write one final strategy with the adapted changes. This will allow the client to get through the start-up stage and really begin to grow.