Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Like Social Media Management, here at Selected Marketing, we work with your Social Profiles and the main Social Platforms to help your business create and grow a presence online. Here at Selected Marketing, we offer our Marketing service which is a lot more than managing your Social Profiles. We work with your Social Profiles such as your Facebook Page to help expand your business and deliver the quality results that your business deserves.

With millions of people using Social Media everyday, it has slowly become one of the best platforms to use for your business. Not only can you reach millions of people at the push of a button, but you can also build up a profile for your business, including business information, posts about what your business offers and more. We use that sort of content to drive visitors to your Social Platforms and also to your business!

Our Social Media Marketing Process:

Step 1

Our very first step when a client comes to Selected Marketing for Social Media Marketing is to research and assess their current Social Media Profiles. This allows our team to look at a range of factors which all make for a good Social Campaign. Competitors are also a key factor that we take a look at, to make sure that not only is our Marketing Content unique, but what it delivers better results too!

Step 2

Our second step is to write a Social Campaign including the content that we are going to be posting on the Social Platforms and the USP that we are targeting through the posts. After writing the campaign, we send it off to the client and allow them to put back some feedback before we go ahead and execute the campaign. We like to let the client have control and that is what this step is all about!

Step 3

Our third step is to execute the campaign. This is the main step throughout the whole service and this is where we see the campaign in action. We usually run the first campaign for either 14 or 28 days which will allow us to see the results and tweak the campaign accordingly. Social Media Marketing is all about delivering results and here at Selected Marketing, we are driven on results!

Step 4

Our fourth and final step is to review and assess the campaign. This allows us to check the results and see what areas have worked well and what areas didn’t. This differs for every client as some content works for one client and doesn’t for another! We then work with the client to make sure that they are happy with the final result and if they aren’t our team will create a whole new campaign!