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Content Creation.

Social Media Content Creation

Social Media Content Creation is a huge part of using Social for your business. When posting for a business, it changes a lot compared to the content that you might normally post on your Facebook Profile. Our team of graphic designers and video editors mean that we can create content that matches and reflects your business! 

Eye-Catching, Engaging Content is the difference between somebody being interested in your Posts and not. Engagement is key when using Social for your business we work to make that the key objective!

Our Social Media Content Creation Process:

Step 1

Our very first step is to plan the content of which we plan to create. This enables us to tweak small areas of the design base. We include colour schemes from your business, business logos and much more. When planning, we go for a base design which allows us to create a sort of template style design that we can adapt for each post, but still keep a theme!

Step 2

Our second step is to create an example post and send both the base design and example to the client to ensure that the content we are designing and providing is sufficient and that it reflects well on their business. If they say no, we go back to step 1 and start again, if they say yes, we go onto step 3 and begin creating the content from the base!

Step 3

Our third step is all about creating the posts from the base. This is where we work according to a weekly posting schedule to ensure that our client has the content they need to go along with their social posts! This is where our job takes part and we can be on step 3 for a number of months, creating the same style of content for the posts going on Social Media.

Step 4

Our fourth step is about creating the whole content structure and idea. This is where we work with the client to create a posting schedule. This allows them to see a document which includes each daily post in detail! This allows then to not have to think about what they are posting as our creative teams have already doing the thinking process, all they have to do is post!