Small Music Producers Taking the World By Storm!

Image: Unpredicable – Danbo (YouTube)

More and more people across the Globe and even Yorkshire are producing Musical Content and taking the world by storm! Gone are the days of people requiring a huge budget and filming team to create a great music video, for some, it is all about Location & A Camera. Read on as we look into some of the producers behind this musical content!

Local producers & musical geniuses

A lot of places across the UK have small “underground” music scenes which are made up by Singers & Rappers trying to make it, trying to hit the “big time” and make a career out of making music! Even places Local to Selected such as Wakefield & Leeds have these musical scenes however, they are making a career out of their content and they are blowing up!

One of the producers we have noticed here at Selected is DanBo Ramsden. With his latest release of Unpredictable, he has seen thousands upon thousands of listeners on a range of platforms from YouTube to Spotify. With the release on YouTube hitting 20,000 Views, 300+ Likes, people are really loving his latest release, check out some of the comments below!

Now with Unpredictable, it wasn’t some form of “backstreet” film shoot, the team really pulled out all of the stops to ensure that this video grew both attention and DanBo as a creator! The music video was shot on the East Coast of Africa and I have to say, the video looks fantastic, Take a watch below!

YouTube: DanBo Ramsden

Now it doesn’t stop there. DanBo is just one of the many that are pulling out all of the stops to ensure the musical content he produces is growing. Another name that has grown massively over the last couple of years is Tom Zanetti. Starting off as just a small name in Leeds, him and his partner Kane Towning, created one of the most recognizable clubbing scenes within Leeds when they created Mission. Leeds Premier Nightclub.

Tom started his musical adventure when he released some of his older tracks such as “Baseball Bat”, “I Like” and several others however it wasn’t until a couple of years later that he made his break.

He created tracks such as Darlin & You Want Me, that has both appeared on the UK Top 40 and music channels across the globe, with millions of views and listeners across platforms. He really created something different.

Darlin currently stands at a whopping 15 MILLION VIEWS on YouTube with 17 thousand likes to follow and it is safe to say that his music has really grown and developed.

Also over the course of his music success, he created SIC Records with is a Record Label for music producers and they have worked to help even smaller music creators make it in the scene. SIC Records even worked with DanBo releasing another great track called “Walk It” featuring Coney.

The man behind the camera

Now all of these music videos mentioned are great pieces of eye-pleasing work however, they wouldn’t be on YouTube today without the mention of the man behind the camera, Ben Marsh.

Working with some of the best Local and National Producers, Ben Marsh has been featured as the Camera Man in many of the growing music videos such as “Unpredictable” by DanBo, “Balloon Tune” by Tom Zanetti and many more. He even filmed a 5 piece documentary series following the life of Tom Zanetti!

I think it is safe to say that Ben made most of the magic happen! Along with various studios who mastered the tracks and record labels!

Ben Marsh Presents

I wonder what move they decide to make next!

Ryan Houghton – Selected Marketing

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