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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short is essential for every website owner. Having a great looking website is only a small bit of the process, ranking on search engines like Google is the main part of the process! By ranking for Keywords around your website and your business, you can become the first result! This means that when somebody searches for that keyword, you are the top result, and the one that people are most likely to click on! Here at Selected Marketing, we can work with you to help you rank for a range of keywords surrounding your website, that we believe are beneficial to your website! We monitor a range of factors when doing SEO for a website, such as the amount of visitors a specific keyword gets, the competitors and more!

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Local SEO

Ranking your website for keywords is the main aim however ranking locally too is also a key part of the process. Ranking your website for your Local Area and for keywords around the business sector + your area means that you can set some base rankings, before competing with major keywords!

Keyword Research

Ranking for keywords and becoming a result on Google is the key aim of SEO, however finding out which keywords are going to be essential for your website and the keywords that will deliver visitors also very essential! This gives both you as a website owner and us as an agency, an idea of what you are ranking for!

AEO (Answer Search)

Ranking for Keywords is one thing, however we also like to get our clients to rank for answers in relation to questions surrounding the area of which their website is based. This helps with ranking overall but it also helps to show that they know their Business Sector and area well!

Technical SEO

Files such as Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml are essential when it comes to SEO. Tools such as the Google Search Console require the Sitemap to index your pages on Google and other search engines and that is the main objective when working on your SEO and ranking position!

Is SEO and Ranking Effective?

Ranking on search engines like Google is extremely effective for both your website and your business. Appearing as a first result for keywords means that you will appear at the top for visitors and those that search for the specific keyword, resulting in organic traffic for your website. Alongside that, if you own a website that sells products online, like an online store, ranking for keywords in relation to a product can mean that you could see sales through SEO and the people visiting, could easily become customers!