Our Previous Clients & Customers.

Case Studies

We have worked with a whole range of clients, from Garden Maintenance Businesses to Retail Stores and we provide a range of high quality services for all of our clients! Our clients below came to us at either the start of their business journey or even near what they thought was the end of their journey and we help them develop through our services and strategies. No business is too difficult to help and no business is at the end, here at Selected, we know how hard Business can be, but it doesn’t have to be!

Do we really get results?

We work with clients to ensure that we get the results and hit the objectives that they deserve to reach. No business should have to struggle and that’s why we first opened our doors! Take a look at our previous clients above and find out what we did for them and how they have benefited from our services! Building a business from the ground up is of course difficult, but we work around the clock to ensure that it’s a lot easier than it should be! When looking through our clients, we have included the services so you can go directly to the services they received and start benefiting from the results they did, today! So what are you waiting for!