PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising is a great, cost effective way of Advertising your business online. Unlike other advertisement channels, you really get to control your budget. Also PPC works on both Search Engines & Websites so that means you can appear everywhere with your Pay Per Click Advertising.

Here at Selected Marketing, we have experience with PPC and Google Advertisements and we know how some business owners might feel about setting up advertisements and spending money online. We work with our PPC Clients every step of the way, monitoring progress, results and more!

Unlike SEO, PPC is a more instant way of Advertising and becoming a top result on Google. SEO takes more time however delivers more organic results. The main advantage of PPC though, is that you can set up an advertisement and view the same advertisement instantly!

Below we have written our 4 steps to PPC Advertising, so you know what it is that we will do for your business through PPC.

Our PPC Advertising Process:

Step 1

Our first step is to research. Every successful Adwords campaign starts with some indepth keyword research and that is what we do here at Selected Marketing. We look at the keywords around your business and see if they can deliver results for your business! We also take a look at your current customers and build profiles around your old or current customers. This allows us to target the correct customers through your Keywords.

Step 2

Our second step involves going through the Keywords and grouping specific keywords together. We then display the keywords to a client with an estimated cost per keyword. This way, we can keep the overall cost per click relatively low, while still achieving results. This is when the client takes control and decides upon what area of keywords they want to target, with Guidance from out team!

Step 3

Our third step is the execution stage. This is where we put the keywords into action and launch a PPC campaign. We start the first campaign with a client relatively low to allow us to see what keywords are benefiting the client and what keywords aren’t. This allows us to make sure that the visitors clicking through are visitors that are interested in the products or services on offer. We also regularly check performance of each keyword too.

Step 4

Our fourth and final step is the results step. This is where we analyse the results from the PPC Campaign and see what areas performed very well and what areas didn’t match the client. We then store the data from the PPC Campaign and either launch another campaign or send the information to the client for a later date!