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Plans For A New Outdoor Swimming Pool In Doncaster

After leisure bosses have been in discussion and planning about a new outdoor swimming pool, Doncaster could have its own outdoor swimming pool for the public to use!

Doncaster Culture & Leisure Trust (DCLT) has made many proposals about additions within Doncaster which include an Outdoor Swimming Pool to be created for public use.

DCLT which is a not-for-profit organisation within Doncaster that owns the many leisure centres including The Dome, Adwick Leisure Centre and many more across the borough.

The proposed outdoor swimming pool is planned to be built within the Hatfield Leisure Centre as an extension to the current outdoor water activities and they hope to have the pool in place by next year. It would be part of the area that is currently taken up by the lake, which would be separated from the boating lake by a barrier.

The idea is to create a safe place for people to swim and enjoy outdoor water activities in a safe, monitored environment in Summer Time.

Picture: Hatfield Water Centre

The creation of the outdoor swimming pool would also see a second area created within the same lake that would be set up and designed for water inflatables and an outdoor water inflatables course.

The outdoor swimming pool is also part of a much wider investment plan which will see a Residential Block, Food and Beverages facilities, overlooking the pool.

Michael Hart, Chief Executive of DCLT also said:

“It would be the first time we have done open water swimming, and it will be in a safe part of the the park. There would be lifeguards there, and it would be running during the summer time.

“There would be changing rooms next to the pool, with food and beverage facilities above them, overlooking the pool.”

Picture: Hatfield Water Centre

However, with the pool being attached to the lake, two-thirds of the lake will still be used for boating and other water activities, with the remaining third being used for the pool and water obstacle course.

The plans are in very early stages, with no official plans or artist impressions being created.

However, they are the latest proposals from the multi-million-pound giant, DCLT. Employing over 600 staff across 13 venues, DCLT now has an annual turnover of over £13 Million Pounds.

“We plan a programme of investment to start in 2020.” Mr Hart said.

With both DCLT and Doncaster Sheffield Airport expanding, it is great to see that Doncaster is expanding! An outdoor swimming pool is just what the area needs and DCLT have a great history of owning successful, safe leisure centres.

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