Local SEO

SEO is the act of ranking on Search Engines such as Google for keywords around your business and website. This is rather difficult for the everyday business owner and that is where our team comes in. We work with you to ensure that you can rank for the keywords that you need to, in order to see more people and see more customers.

A start of that SEO process is Local SEO. Ranking for keywords is not always easy and that is why we recommend that our clients start their SEO Journey with Local SEO. From researching the Local Area of their business to Ranking First for the Keywords that we have researched as an agency.

Our Local SEO Process:

Step 1

Our first step when a client comes to Selected Marketing for Local SEO is to run an SEO Audit. This shows our team what areas the website is lacking or missing and we can work accordingly. This includes factors such as missing H1 tags and Alt Tags on Images. These are key essentials for a good SEO ranking and before we can look into creating an SEO Campaign, we need to make sure that the website we are working on is in the best condition. 

Step 2

Our second step is to begin researching the keywords of which we are ranking for. As this service is Local SEO, we aim a lot of the keywords on the Local Area and the surrounding major cities of the business location. Most often, these keywords become Long Tailed Keywords and Phrases, meaning that they are much easier to rank for anyway! We do this as a base so that we can gain Domain Authority before going for bigger keywords.

Step 3

Our third step is to create the base for the Local SEO. This is things like Landing Pages and filtering the keyword into Blog Content. This allows the website to begin to rank for the keywords that we believe it needs to. Following the layer of H1, H2 & H3, we make sure that the keyword is on the major pages and that those pages are loading as fast and efficiently as they should be!

Step 4

Our fourth and final step is to monitor results and continue to add the keywords within the website to make sure that we are constantly keeping the top spot or improving the ranking positions to get to the top! We also monitor the keywords to see if any new competitors come up or to see if a specific keyword receives a spike in traffic and therefore what we will focus on!