Lawn And Order Yorkshire LTD - Case Study

Case Study

Lawn & Order Yorkshire LTD


About The Client:
Lawn And Order Yorkshire LTD is a Garden Maintenance company based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire specialising in Garden Design & Bespoke Fencing.

How did we work with the Client?:
We began working with Lawn & Order Yorkshire at the start of 2019 providing a range of services to help them with the launch of their new business. We worked initially with the client to enter them into the world of Social Media by creating and optimising their Facebook Page. We then took the Social Media aspect and initiated it into a Social Sales Strategy of which we put a plan and strategy together to work on Sales over a period of time in order to enter the brand into the world of work and finding clients. A large part of this strategy was the Leaflet Design & Distribution. We worked very closely with the client to create Leaflet designs and publishing’s to help then with Physical Advertisements.

The Results:
After working with Lawn And Order, we left them with some great results from working with the team here at Selected Marketing. We grew and created their Social Pages which allowed them to not only reach more people, but also it gave them a platform to post content such as their images from jobs and more. Alongside that, we worked with the client on Sales Strategy which allowed them to gain clients and income through various Marketing Channels such as Physical Leaflet Design & Social. They were seeing around 2,000-3,000 people per social post as a result.

Services This Client Received:

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