Ksi Vs Logan Paul 2 Rematch Storms The UK

With the first KSI Vs Logan Paul Fight seeing over a million views on YouTube Pay Per View, it is no secret that they are about to enter the ring and go head to head for a second time, however this time, they are going professional!

More than a year ago, the two YouTube Giants, KSI & Logan Paul took to the canvas to prove who was the stronger man. With both sides training extensively for the months leading up to the event, they were in great shape for a great fight and that is exactly what they provided for the millions on YouTube Pay Per View. However with the final result being a draw, something had to be done, somebody had to take the belt home.

After that fight over a year ago, fans were raging all of Social Media with complaints as to why they were fighting with headguards and thicker gloves. This was because, in their last fight, they were fighting Unprofessionally. This time is harder and more exciting! With Eddie Hearn and Matchroom Boxing securing Professional Licenses for both fighters, we are in for a fantastic fight!

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Below we have written anything you could possibly need to know about this major event:

When & where is the fight?

You can watch the fight live on November 9th 2019 at the Staples Center, LA.

What time is the fight?

The fight begins at 9pm US Time which translates to 5pm GMT/UK Time.

Where can I stream the fight?

The fight is due to broadcast on Sky Sports for a fee of £9.95.
You can also stream the fight on DAZN for a fee.

What are the odds?

KSI: Evens
Logan Paul: Evens

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With Eddie Hearn’s ties to Boxing and Sky Sports and also the fact that both boxers have Professional Licenses to fight, of course, the undercard fights are those of professional boxers making it a TV Sensation.

“We’re still discussing how we’re going to broadcast it,” “There is a chance it could be a cheaper-version PPV for the KSI vs Logan fight. It was recently confirmed however that the event will be available live on Sky Sports Box Office as a PPV event and also available on DAZN for a small fee.

“It is very likely Billy Joe will be free-to-air on Sky, then going into a PPV for KSI vs Logan Paul.” meaning that you can view the undercard fights for free, however, the main event will require either a Box Office Payment of a DAZN Subscription.

Just like the rest of the UK and YouTube Scene, we are all excited to see what happens on the night of the big fight!

Ryan Houghton – Managing Director

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