Keyword Research

Researching keywords is a part of the SEO Process but one of the most essential parts. Keywords are the main part of SEO because they are what your going to be ranking for. The idea of SEO is to rank for the keywords that people are searching, so that people are clicking on your website instead of another. However there is more to keyword research than people might think!

We work with clients to help them discover the main keywords around their area of business and their website and look into the difficulty, volume of searches each month and more. We also look into variants of keywords and help our clients to build a list of keywords to target throughout their website.

Our Keyword Research Process:

Step 1

Our first step when it comes to Keyword Research is to look at the website and the client in question. This is to get an understanding of what they offer, what area the operate within and more. We will then use this information to look into the keywords around that area and select the most beneficial keywords for the client.  SEO is all about seeing results and visitors to a website. ranking for keywords that drive no traffic are not keywords to focus on!

Step 2

Our second step with Keyword Research is to look at the keywords and highlight the main ones to rank for. We then look into those keywords in more detail to find out who currently ranks for that keyword, how many backlinks the first result has, an audit about the website and more. We then put the main keywords and information into a new document and send it to the client. This allows our client to keep control and see what work we are doing!

Step 3

Our third step is to receive feedback from the client on the main keywords from step 2 and make sure that they are the keywords that suit the client. Ranking for the main keywords and keywords that receive traffic is sometimes seen as harder than others but our team will work with the client to inform them with how to use the keywords and rank for them.

Step 4

Our fourth and final step is to discuss with the client on how we are going to more forward as an agency with them. Whether that be our team stopping at keyword research or carrying out the SEO for the clients website!