The Creative Careers Formed By Esports And Video Games

Over the last couple of years, the gaming scene has skyrocketed with titles such as Fortnite by Epic Games really setting the path for Esports and the people behind the madness are even turning Team Positions into Careers. From Graphic Designers to Photographers, we have it all here for you to discover!

Graphic design

The first position within the Gaming Sector that we wanted to look at was Graphic Design. With the extensive amount of Graphic Designers on the rise through the designs created within Gaming, it really is hard for a new designer to get noticed, or so we thought. People are rising from the bottom of Twitter, producing content that is simply out of this world. From Advertisements for Global Brands such as GFuel, Nike and Adidas, it is clear to see how they are putting their name on the map as a Graphical Genius.

While some designers focus on specific areas of Design, a lot of the designers making a personal brand for themselves are learning at incredible speeds to keep up with the high demand that the Graphic Design Sector has to offer and the amount of support available from followers is really something unique. We have highlighted some designs that stand out to us here at Selected and the designs we have highlighted really do deserve a mention!

Image: Tony K (Behance)

The first design that has really stood out for us is this GFuel Design by Tony K. A nice grape and horror-themed design and it really does showcase the levels and extent that these designers are going to, in order to be noticed and grow themselves. The global giant GFuel benefits from designs like this one every day. With more and more designs posting and tweeting content at brands like GFuel in order to get noticed by the brand, it is almost like GFuel have a constant feed of advertisement material, great for marketing!

Image: Tony K (Behance)

Another one of the Giants benefiting from great designs is Adidas. With this Yeezy Advertisement by Tony K, this really does stand out compared to a lot of the other advertisement designs created and some of the renders and effects within this design are really something special!

Now it doesn’t stop at advertisements. The advertisement designs are something to help showcase their skill and ability and doesn’t mean they are going to gain and income. However some designers have noticed their own skill and know that there is money to be made and because of that, offer “commissions” or Paid Designs for clients across twitter and with the prices that these designs are worth, everyone should try designing!

Image: S3MTX (Behance)

Above is an example of exactly what we are talking about. This banner design by S3MTX is one that really stood out from his portfolio and it is clear to see why! Now not only is this a great design but the person he designed it for, is going to have a great looking banner which will also reflect on him, it’s not just a design!


Now Graphic Design is an incredible skill to have and being able to make these cool looking graphics is great however there is another position within Esports & Gaming that translates into more of a career and that is Photography. Some of the people behind the cameras are working hard to capture such great content and it is fantastic to see so many people within the Gaming Sector having a photography skillset as this will help them to translate into a career further down the line. Just like we did with the Graphic Design, we have gathered a selection of work within the Photography Scene and showcased it below, as we believe it just needs to stand out!

Image: @Griizzly (Twitter)

The first image we wanted to showcase is this shot of the CWL Birmingham event by Griizzly. Now photography isn’t a skill of just picking a camera up and shooting some pictures, it requires years of learning about the camera, lenses etc and it is very clear to see just how good Griizzly is with a camera!

Now like many people making a name for themselves within the Gaming Scene, a lot of photographers just like Griizzly has managed to land a job with the giant mentioned before, GFuel! Griizzly spent a full week, sending 2-4 images a day to GFuel and getting support from across twitter and it really does show that no matter your position, the hard work does really pay off! Alongside that, he was the first Scottish Photographer to ever join the team, what an achievement!

“there’s too many designers or photographers”

It is no secret that the Twitter community is full of people with great skill and it is hard to stand out from the rest but it works just the same as any other position in the world. Take a shop owner for example. How does a smaller shop stand out from the likes of Asda or Tesco? They work on it, they share the brand around and get support from close friends and customers. Designing & Photography works just the same. You’ve got to try and promote to be able to grow yourself! No harm in trying right?

It is clear to see that many many people are making a career and name for themselves within Esports and honestly, some of the people behind the graphics really do deserve to be growing themselves as a brand and as a person because it isn’t easy to produce these results.

Shoutouts to:
Tony K – Graphic Designer (Twitter/Portfolio)
S3MTX – Graphic Designer (Twitter/Portfolio)
Griizzly – Photographer (Twitter/Portfolio)

Ryan Houghton – Selected Marketing

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