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Order Your FREE Letter From SANTA This Christmas!

With Christmas fast approaching, everybody is rushing frantically to get all of the presents purchased and wrapped ready for the big day! However, children all of the United Kingdom like to write letters to Santa with their Christmas lists and other information, however, sometimes writing the response can be a little bit time-consuming! In this article, we tell you how to order your FREE Letter from Santa from NSPCC as part of their donations campaign! Read below!

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Is it really free?

The letter is free, however, they do ask for a small donation, however, you can put a £0 donation and then proceed. The donations do cover the costs of the staff and the costs required within NSPCC so donate if you can!

How long do the letters take to come?

A couple of days to a week maximum. The postage and delivery are free so expecting next day postage for free, is a bit much!

What do the letters include?

The letters include a general message however the NSPCC does give you options. You can, of course, enter a name so you could address the letter to your children and you can also select an option behind the letter. So if your child has recently been through tests at school or another event, the letter can be tailored to that!

How many letters can you order?

You can order up to 6 letters in one order so if you have 6 children then great! If you need to order more, then refresh the web page and make another order of 6!

What other features can you change in the letters?

You can change the background and border of the letter while also being able to add custom message within the letter so you can add some customization of your own, while still having a letter from Santa!

How can you order a letter?

In order to get your Santa Letters, you need to visit and follow through the pages. When clicking the link, you will be greeted with a donations page. Ensure this is the case to make sure you’re in the right place!

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