Community Pulls Together As Hundreds Of Homes Are Damaged By Doncaster Flooding

With Doncaster receiving a month’s worth of Downpour in just 24 Hours, the mass rain has caused flooding across several parts of Doncaster including Bentley, Fishlake, Tickhill and more. However it wasn’t just a couple of big puddles, The water has destroyed family homes, leaving them with nothing but the clothes on their back, right before Christmas. However, one community that wasn’t as affected by the rain and flooding has decided to pull together to help gather anything they can, from cleaning products to food and money to make sure that those affected can begin rebuilding that they have lost. In this blog post, you can find out about the areas damaged and how you can give something to those affected.

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What areas have been affected?

The rain affected many areas of Doncaster, with lakes and rivers becoming double their original size, however, some areas of Doncaster have been affected a lot more than others. With Bentley & Fishlake being one of the worst areas, people have lost cars, their homes and somebody in Derbyshire, also lost their life. The downpour has changed lives, just within a 24 hour period.

Alongside areas being destroyed, many roads have been closed and still remain closed across Doncaster due to the mass of water stopping traffic in its path. Roads in areas such as Bentley and Mexborough have been closed for a number of days as Doncaster Council and the Environment Agency work around the clock to remove the water and get people back into their homes.

How one community has pulled together to help

With Rossington being in the Doncaster Area, they also received the 24 hours of battering downpour however most if not all areas of Rossington managed to come out of the rain with everything intact however that simply is not the case for some of the other areas within Doncaster.

Members of the Rossington Community have seen the areas affected at the damage across the Various News Outlets and decided to take action and help those who have been majorly affected by the rain to rebuild their lives and properties by collecting donations such as Cleaning Products, Money and anything else that people can manage to donate to ensure that the people affected have a good and fighting chance of rebuilding what they have lost.

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People across Rossington have been donating items to help those affected and they have been working together to raise as much as they can to ensure that they are helping out another community.

How can you donate in Rossington to help?

If you live in Rossington or in one of the surrounding villages and you want to help then you can! No matter what you can donate, every little thing helps a family rebuild what they have lost and we know that the people of the areas affected would be ever so grateful!

Rossington has a designated drop off point of which you can drop off any items or anything else that you would like to donate and you can find them below.

Designated Drop Off Point: Planet Of Vapes Rossington
Opening Times: 10am – 4pm Monday to Sunday

You can also join the Community Forum here and speak to those members of the community who are helping to see what else you can do to help!

If you would like to find out any more information about the flooding across Doncaster or you think one of our services could go a long way to helping you to fundraise email and we will provide anything we offer, Free of Charge.

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