Epparel UK - Case Study

Case Study

Epparel UK


About The Client:
Epparel UK is an Online Custom Clothing brand based in Ireland. They specialise in Custom Clothing Designs and Products for clients.

How did we work with the Client?:
We worked with Epparel UK to create an online platform for their products and goods. They wanted a WordPress Based Store that was not only easy to use, but also secure and safe for sale too. They wanted something that they could add products to and we did exactly that. We created a platform that reflected the business and their products well.

The Results:
We worked with Epparel UK to design a fully operational WordPress Shop Website. This was achieved by using WooCommerce and our extensive range of security plugins along with HTTPS and a Valid SSL Certificate. We worked to create a platform that would make purchasing their products easy. However during the process, we had to keep the essential part of the process in mind, security. We wanted to ensure that the checkout process was safe and we worked to do exactly that. The business now sells products all over the globe through their website and they have many happy online customers.

Services This Client Received:

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