Email Marketing is a way of reaching out to people with a newsletter or advertisement emails such as products or services that your business offers. Email Marketing is extremely effective because nearly everybody has an email that is either logged into their smartphone or their computers. Platforms like Social Media are very effective however not everybody uses Social Media, where as more people do have an email address.

Here at Selected Marketing, we work with clients to create Email Marketing Campaigns that not only help increase customers, but we also help our clients create platforms such as Landing Pages that allow them to capture their own, unique email list. A lot of agencies give clients an already captured email list, however we feel that this is very ineffective. We work with clients when doing Email Marketing to create landing pages and other capturing platforms so that they can continue marketing via email with the setup for many months!

We also work with clients to create Email Marketing Campaigns & Strategies that are unique to each and ever client. This ensures that each client receives their very own Email List and therefore their own clientbase.

Our Email Marketing Process:

Step 1

Our first step when working with a client is to research the client. Our team look into detail surrounding the client and take a look at all of the possible platforms and channels to drive email capture and marketing. We also research the market sector and competitors surrounding the client, to make sure that our campaign and strategies are effective!

Step 2

Our second step is to plan the marketing email that we are going to be distributing out to the emails captured. This could be a weekly newsletter, emails to go out when a blog post is published or even an email to go out every month advertising the products or services that a client might offer. This allows us to tailor our funnels and landing pages to the email.

Step 3

Our third step is to create our strategies and platforms of which we are going to capture emails for our client. This could be landing pages created as part of their website or even capturing emails through Blog Posts. We will look at the clients sector and also assess the channels of marketing as researched in step 1. We will then proceed to work with the client to create and market the capturing platforms.

Step 4

Our fourth and final step is to assess the results after we have published an Email Marketing Campaign. We usually run our first campaign with a client for 12 or 28 days. This allows us to monitor results for a sustained period of time, allowing us to see what channels are effective and what channels aren’t so effective. We will then tweak and adapt the campaign accordingly to make sure that we are delivering results!