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How Marketing Is Important For Your Business In Doncaster

It is no secret that in 2019 and going into 2020, a lot of businesses are competing against some other competitor. It is a fact. Some businesses have more competitors than others while some businesses are unique and they are very lucky! Matter of the fact is that a good 90% of businesses in Doncaster and the United Kingdom, have another competitor who they are battling against in the same area and that is why Selected Marketing as a Marketing Agency and Digital Marketing, in general, is important for every business. In this blog article, we have displayed the services that we offer and how they can help you beat your competitors so that whether you are in South Yorkshire or anywhere else for that matter, you can have the best chance possible with your business.

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However, before we get into Digital Marketing and how it can benefit and help your business beat your competitors, we need to understand Digital Marketing, what it is and what services we offer that fall underneath it. This gives you a good understanding of how your business can succeed in Doncaster with each service. Doncaster Marketing isn’t always easy, but here at Selected, we can help you do more.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing (which is commonly displayed as “Marketing”) is where you use Digital Devices and Outlets such as Image & Video which can then be used on platforms such as Social Media, Websites etc to “Market” yourself or your business. Here at Selected Marketing, we know all about Marketing and Social.

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In 2019 and moving forward, more and more people are using these Digital Channels whether they use Social Media or Search Engines, they are consuming Digital Advertising. Everybody has either owned an email address in the past and a good 90% of people still have an email address today. Email is one of the main Digital Channels used by businesses to advertise as they can send out monthly newsletters etc, but we will get into that when we discuss Digital Marketing Services.

Before a business could survive on things like Word of Mouth, Knocking on Doors and posting Leaflets, however in 2019, Old Traditional methods like that have died out. People don’t pay attention to things like leaflets and a lot of people ignore their doors. They are too busy being consumed by platforms such as Facebook and Netflix. We wouldn’t even recommend TV Advertising anymore. The facts are, that more and more people are moving away from National Television and things like Sky TV and BT Vision as it is easier and cheaper to watch their programs through Netflix or Amazon Video, which don’t have advertisements.

Channels like Social Media attract millions of users a day, which makes it one of the most effective channels of Marketing. By posting an image or video about your business on your business’s Facebook Page, you could reach over 1000 people! You would struggle to reach 1000 people, even with 10,000 leaflets!

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing is made up of many different services, from Social Media Marketing to Search Engine Optimisation. Digital Marketing can help a business go from “Zero to Hero” in just a matter of 30 days. Some businesses even see results within hours! This is because of the number of people that these services can reach in just a short amount of time. Creating a Facebook Page and posting could help your business reach up to 1000 people, just in a single post! Below you can find some of the services that fall under Digital Marketing!

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short is the process of improving the visibility of your website and domain names on search engines like Google and Bing. This makes it easier for your potential clients and visitors to find you online by searching in keywords that are related to both your website and business. SEO is the main factor of any Digital Marketing Strategy alongside PPC, Social Media and Content Marketing and other channels.

“SEO is one of the things that allowed my business to reach more people and as a result, gain my business more clients. I worked with Selected Marketing in July of 2019 and within a month, they had my site ranking high for my main keywords!”

Previous Client – Selected Marketing

SEO is made up of many aspects such as Keyword Research, Content Creation, Technical SEO (Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml etc) and many more. All of these factors are factors that the Google Algorithm looks for on a website in order to rank it accordingly. If the algorithm crawls through your website and notices that you mention a specific keyword, which you also have backlinks for, and the keyword is mentioned in your Meta Title & Description, then you will be ranked accordingly for that keyword. However, your website isn’t going to be ranked for keywords that aren’t mentioned as Google doesn’t know that you want to rank for those keywords. An agency works with a client to ensure that the keyword in which they would like to be ranked for, is included within the website, while also working on the back end and technical SEO. This could be through writing blog posts, changing meta descriptions to include these keywords, researching long-tail version of keywords and more.

The main aim of Search Engine Optimisation is that you rank for the keywords around the sector of which your business is working within, in an attempt to attract more people to your website, hopefully making them new customers. If you come up as one of the top 3 results for a keyword that is searched for frequently, you are going to get visitors and traffic from that ranking. A full strategy will then include the steps after that, to convert the traffic from the ranking to customers for your business. Making ranking high on Google, worthwhile! SEO Doncaster is a great way to rank locally too, as we have explained below!

You can read more about SEO Services here!

Social Media

Social Media Services within an agency are usually broken up into 2 main subcategories. Social Media Marketing & Social Media Management. Social Media Management is one of the main services that is used by a business because a lot of business owners struggle to find the time to management and post on their businesses Social Profiles regularly. It gets even worse when business owners find out that platforms like Facebook require 3 posts a day! Social Media Management is one of the most popular Social Services within Doncaster Marketing. Social Media Management is a lot more than just writing Social Posts though.

Social Media Management is where an agency or person takes control of a Social Profile or in some cases, several profiles and platforms. A large part of it is indeed, writing Social Posts, however, a Social Media Manager is also responsible for responding to comments, replying to messages, and more. The biggest issue with businesses is that they assume that because somebody in the office knows a little bit about Social whether that is writing a post on a facebook page or posting on instagram, it is easier and often cheaper to get that person to manage the Social Media for the business and this really isn’t the case. An agency or a person who is trained and specializes in Social will know more about strategy and how to post efficiently for your business, and also, a Social Expert will know how to create great-looking content for your business!

Social Media Marketing, however, is where an agency or a person uses a business Social Profile to market their business and sell products or services. This is usually included in a package with Social Media Management so that the agency in question will also manage the Social Media in terms of posting etc. This will allow them to drive more traffic and potential customers to your business or website, where you can then convert them into customers. Social Media is one of the available Marketing Tools that can really skyrocket your business. With a good quality marketing strategy in place, Social Media Marketing can be the main tool that pushes your business forward!

Other Social Media services include services such as Social Media Content Creation, Social Media Analysis and more. All of the services are usually included in one overall strategy and package to ensure that your business and social is getting the best out of Social Media. Social Media Doncaster is a great tool as we have explained further, below!

You can read more about Social Media Services here!

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC is a very cost-effective method of advertising on Search Engines & Websites online. PPC or also known as Pay Per Click works well because you only actually pay when somebody clicks your advertisement on Google or a Website. This means if nobody clicks, nobody pays. Alongside with pay per click, you can also set your budget and allocate an amount per click so that you don’t ever overspend or go outside of your budget. Also if you have never run a PPC Advertisement, you can set up and create an advertisement and be in front of people within just minutes.

Just like SEO, PPC can ensure that you appear at the top of Google and other search engines so that people click your website as a result. However, you may have noticed that when you search for something on Google, you will see some results at the top that include “ad” next to it. This means that it is a PPC advertisement so they are at the top of Google as a result, however, not as an SEO Ranked result. This is the biggest issue with PPC. A lot of people scroll past the “ad” results and go to the organic first result. This is why SEO is more money efficient and beneficial for your website. PPC Doncaster is a service that is used across businesses in order to obtain fast results, however, we believe that SEO is more beneficial!

Content MArketing

Content Marketing is the creation and promotion of content assets for the purpose of creating some form of brand awareness. Basically, it is marketing and advertising a brand through the use of Content such as Blog Posting or other written content. Content Marketing is beneficial for creating brand awareness, traffic growth, lead generation and also customer conversion. Content is a great way to add value to your audience while also at the same time, delivering a brand message too. A great example of this is a blog article. Blog Articles not only help with SEO, but if you write an article that adds some form of value to your target audience, then they will gain something from reading it. Like for example if you sold flowers, a blog article about the lifespan would be something of value that people could read.

Content Marketing and content, in general, is split up into many different forms. Blog Writing and Articles are just one of many that you could use to better and market your business.

  • Blog Posts: Blog posts are a form of content that you can utilize when owning a website. Writing Blog Content has many benefits as a good amount of blog content can help with your SEO & Ranking however it can also be a source of content for your Social too. If you write a post a day on your Blog, which adds value to your audience and also has a good amount of words and content length, that can also be your post a day across social media. However back to content marketing, having and writing on a blog can help you to strongly demonstrate your expertise and alongside that, general more organic search traffic to your website, which you can convert into customers through funnels etc.
  • Ebooks/Cheat Sheets: Ebooks are another form of content that can be used to grow and market your business. Ebooks can also be used for Email Marketing too which we will explain a little bit later on. But just like the blog posting, ebooks are another form of written content that can really add value to your audience. These can be in the form of downloadable content or even built into your website with a .pdf viewer.
  • Infographics: Infographics are a way of showing content and again, adding that value but in the form of an image. Not everyone who is interested or could be interested in your brand wants to read a thousand plus words, they want to see the content in front of them, visually. This type of content can also be shared across other platforms and integrated into a strategy as part of the content to be posted on Social.

Content Marketing Doncaster is a great way to put forward your content and knowledge to your audience through different forms of content. Whether you write blog posts or infographics, it can benefit your business.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great way to target and content people who could potentially be interested in your products or services. You don’t just send emails to anyone though. You devise email lists, which are a list of email addresses of the people or businesses that could potentially be interested in your services or products. These lists can be created by a range of different methods within your site and an agency will usually help you achieve that. Ways to build email lists are:

  • Blog Subscription Newsletters
  • Follow-up emails to Website Visitors who Downloaded Something
  • Customer Welcome & Greet Emails
  • Other Opt-In Lists

As mentioned before, ebooks are a great way to gather emails in order to form your email list. By offering an ebook, you can capture emails in return for the download, the user of which still gets the ebook they wanted and in return for creating and publishing that ebook, you can gather emails. Email Marketing is also useful for directing people back to your website or even promotional and special offers. The best use for email marketing is to offer a weekly or monthly newsletter so that you can email the same people on a regular basis.

How Digital Marketing Services can help you with Doncaster Marketing and Marketing in the United Kingdom

Now we have been through some of the Digital Marketing Services and how they work in general, we have written below about how you can use these services to benefit your business in Doncaster and the United Kingdom in general. As a Doncaster Marketing Agency, we work with clients on these services every day so we know exactly how you can grow your business within Doncaster and of course anywhere!

Search Engine Optimisation Doncaster

So as mentioned before, SEO is where your website is ranked on Google and ranked highly for the keywords of which are featured on your website. These keywords need to be featured on both the page in question, the meta title, the meta description and also on other pages too. However, when trying to rank your business in Doncaster or any other Local Area, you need to make sure that alongside including keywords in relation to your business and what you offer, that you are also including Local Keywords. Local SEO is essential as a starting point to rank for your local area before attempting to rank for the rest of the competitive keywords.

When doing Local SEO for your business in Doncaster, there are a few key factors to keep in mind and that can be the difference between ranking for those Local Keywords and not.

  • Location: Location is a big part of Local SEO. For example, if you are located in Doncaster, a direct location is just as important. Right down to the extra area. If you are located in the Town Centre, including Doncaster Town Centre as a key phrase will help to ensure that you rank for the location.
  • Business Sector: Even when ranking for Local SEO, including what you offer as a business and also your business name is a key essential. Including your business name and what you offer as areas of ranking will help to boost the other keywords too.

This doesn’t just apply to Local SEO being a town or city. Also ranking for terms that are within your country too are key.

Your SEO Keywords should be included in various areas across your website, such as Title, Meta Description & also H1 Tags. By showing and adding these keywords into your website will enable your website to be recognized for those keywords. Include your keyword such as “Doncaster Marketing” up to 10 times in a blog article too, this will help not only the article rank high, but also your website too.

Social Media Doncaster

Doncaster Marketing is made up of more than just Local SEO. Social is a huge tool for Marketing in Doncaster as over 85% of people within Doncaster have a profile and over 65% actively use Facebook. This makes it one of the most beneficial platforms and channels of Marketing for a business. By posting on a Facebook Page, you could reach up to 1000 new people per post, however, it isn’t just writing a post. Your Social Content needs to add value to your audience who will be seeing and reading these posts.

Key things to remember when posting on Facebook is:

  • Images/Videos: Adding an image or video to your post will increase engagement. This is because people aren’t interested in normal posts anymore. With the billions of posts shared and created each day, people don’t notice normal written posts, they want to see images, extra added content.
  • Sharing: Share your posts. This could be on your personal timeline or even in groups around your area. This will help people notice who you are and what you offer as a business.
  • Posting: Depending on the platform, you should be posting 1-2 times a day, even more in some cases. However, this isn’t always easy. Having content to post etc. So try posting about your area and the business sector of which you operate.

So if you haven’t already, try posting on a Facebook Page and also on Instagram too. Social is Free and it can hugely benefit your business!

So if you own a business within Doncaster or even the United Kingdom, make sure that you are using tools such as SEO & Social to benefit and grow your business.

Ryan Houghton – Selected Marketing

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