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Doncaster is a great place to work and live. With lots of Marketing Jobs popping up everyday, you can really find yourself a career here in Doncaster within Marketing, Social, SEO and many more! Read on to find out the paths and routes you can take to find yourself a career at any age!

Your path when finishing school

When finishing school in Year 11, you have 2 paths into the world of Marketing & Social. As the UK Law states, you must be in some form of Higher Education after Year 11, whether that be a College Course or an Apprenticeship with a Local Agency. Below we have totalled up the benefits and drawbacks of both options.

Collage Courses

The first option you can take is starting a College Course. Starting in September after leaving Year 11, You can begin your journey into the world of Marketing & Social. The course usually consists of 2 years of learning and coursework which will teach you everything from Marketing Strategies to Graphic Design and this will reward a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Digital Marketing & Social. However, as with both options, there is benefits and drawbacks.


  • Courses are usually 3 Days a week
  • Most Colleges treat students like adults, resulting in a more “laidback” environment
  • You can work at your own pace
  • Flexible course times (Some days Morning, Other days Afternoon)


  • Colleges don’t pay a wage
  • No work experience (Some courses offer Work Experience)
  • Courses take 2 Years to complete


A second option is to go down the path of taking an Apprenticeship. This is where you work in a business 4 days a week with 1 day being taken up by either a college course or a training provider. Now as the first option, this, of course, comes with a few Benefits and Drawbacks too as working in a workplace environment is a lot more “full-on” than a college course. But it still is a great option! Following an apprenticeship will still offer a Level 3 Diploma but you will be working and even earning a wage!


  • Earn a monthly wage
  • Gain a qualification while gaining work experience
  • Work towards a Full Time, Permanent Job
  • Work with great people


  • It is a Work Place, You need to be formal
  • You will work 5 days maybe even 6 a week
  • You will have coursework alongside actual work

Getting your fulltime job

Whether you follow the College Course or an Apprenticeship, you really can find a job within Marketing here in Doncaster!

Now finding a Fulltime Job with the qualifications is rather easy too. Again you have several options.

  1. Indeed
  2. Contact your Local Marketing Agencies
  3. Start your own Agency
  4. Freelance Marketing Work

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