“DJ’s” Making Producer Moves!

So our most recent post was about how Small Time, Local Producers made it big in the music industry and now we are following on from that with another great music article! Read on as we discuss how people such as James Hype & Danny T have gone from small clubs in Doncaster & The UK to headlining events across the UK and Spain.

Google Images: James Hype + Craig David

James hype

Born in Liverpool in 1989, James Hype is a Remix Artist and Producer, known for tracks such as “More Than Friends” released by Warner Music on 7 July 2017 and No Drama with Craig David.

However, before releasing such great tracks with other great artists such as Craig David, he made his name releasing remixes for International Artists including OT Genesis and Clean Bandit. Alongside that, he is a DJ Ambassador for Pioneer DJ featuring in Online Videos. He also features in a Live Radio Show on Thursday Evenings on KissFM.

“So when I was like 13 I discovered music on the internet. Before that, music was all radio and CDs but when I discovered it on the internet, I started digging and getting deeper into stuff. I really started to get into hip-hop.  I got decks for my 15th birthday and I remember hearing records on the radio and thinking “ok so I can hear DJs”. I didn’t even know what a DJ was, but I convinced my mum to buy me decks for my 15th birthday. Then from then, I just kind of taught myself how to DJ with loads of music.  I got residency as a DJ at the age of 16 and when I was 18, it became my full time job – 6 nights a week for 6 or 7 years.  Some point during that time I started making music.  People liked my music so I carried it on. Eventually we got to the stage of More Than Friends and the rest is history!”

James Hype – Interview with The Student Pocket Guide

As shown above, James Hype recently featured in an interview with “The Student Pocket Guide” where they asked him a range of questions to really find out more about his journey and his career. Discovering music at only 13 Years Old, he has really had a life-changing few years, making moves that are unknown of remix artists! However he isn’t the only one who has made a break in his career, however, some people do it differently.

Google Images: It’s Danny T

Daniel “Its danny T” taylor

Another name on the rise is Danny T. Taking over the music scene in clubs across the UK however across the Foreign Clubbing Scene too!

Starting off doing Sets in clubs such as Kooky Doncaster & Wakefield, Danny T really has made a name for himself. Take a look below!

Daniel Taylor, better known as Danny T, is a British DJ & Producer. Born and raised in Leeds, Danny’s unique DJ style and larger than life personality has been the driving forces behind his recent success, taking him on tour all over the UK and Europe. Having gone from playing to empty dance-floors at his local pub when he first started, to playing festivals with a 20’000 strong crowd, there aren’t many people that can match the energy brought to one of Danny’s sets.

With over 5 Million Soundcloud plays and following the success of several heavily supported remixes, including an infamous ‘Lion King’ track, his social media following has grown to over 300k people across all platforms, it is clear to see why Danny has amassed such a huge fan-base.

However, Danny isn’t just doing sets within Clubs, he is headlining his own events! Recently, Danny did his “Danny T Show” tour across the United Kingdom, Selling Out at every single venue planned, with thousands turning up and enjoying the events! And now, he is even planning to headline at the First Direct Arena in Leeds!

So as our two subjects for this article have changed the way music and “DJ” Sets are done in the UK, it just shows that having a passion is all it takes!

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