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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is essential for every business and it is one of our main services here at Selected Marketing. Through our various Marketing Services, we work with clients helping them better their business and brand. A huge part of owning a business is Marketing & Sales and that is exactly what we do here at Selected. Below you can see 4 of the many Marketing services we offer here at Selected such as Research & Insight which is great for looking into your competitors, Sales Strategy which is essential for improving your sales and income and many more!

Digital Marketing Services

PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising not only delivers fantastic results, but it can also help your business with getting people onto your Online Store, your Business Website or any other online platform! The best thing about PPC Advertising, is that it is a cheap way of advertising too, with prices ranging!

Content Marketing

Creating Content is only 10% of the Content Creation Process. Here at Selected Marketing, we make sure that your content reaches the right amount of people! So whether your content is a Blog Post or even an Infographic, we create strategies for your Content so you can expand your business!

Email Marketing

Platforms like Social & Websites can help your business grow, however targeting people and converting them into Customers is another thing. We work with your brand to create Email Marketing Strategies that achieve results! So whether it’s a weekly newsletter or product advertisements, we can help you!

Start-Up Strategy

Every Business has to start somewhere, every business goes through the Start-Up Process and this is where we come into help! We help your business get through the Start-Up Phase by working with you to set targets and then achieve them through our Marketing Services.

Is Digital Marketing really essential?

20 Years Ago, a business could more than survive on general passing trade. Whether that be to a physical shop or even a market stall, Digital Marketing wasn’t something that was seen as a necessity back then. However times have changed. in 2019, 10 competitors could open their doors in a single month, that is another 10 businesses that you have to compete against, just to run at a profit, never mind run and pay staff wages etc. Our Digital Marketing services ensure that you have strategies and plans in place to ensure that no matter how many businesses open around your sector next month, you will still be dominating the market space! If your on this page and you operate a Seasonal Business then also rest assured! We develop strategies to suit any business, whether you are open 365 days a year or 3.65 days a year!