Content Marketing is essential for all different types of content. Blog Articles are one of the most common types of content and with over a billion blogs existing on the Internet to date, making your blog content stand out and reach the right about of people. However Content Marketing relates to a range of different content types as follows:

Infographics are usually graphics or images that include information such as text and other pieces to deliver information in regards to a specific topic. These are most commonly shown around Social Media and they include bitesize pieces of information that stand out to the viewer.

Blog Articles:
Most people know what a blog article is. It is a piece of text on a website that is usually written in the form of a news article or information article. They are written and published with the aim of people reading them.

Another form of content which sometimes isn’t even noticed as a form of content is a webpage. Webpages are a great piece of content to market as they can reach lots of people through lots of different channels. A big form of Marketing for a webpage is SEO. SEO is a way to get a lot of people onto a webpage through rankings!

Our Content Marketing Process:

Step 1

Our first step when working with a client is to research the client. This involves looking into the client and seeing what types of content would suit and fit their business. We also look into the available channels that the client has already acquired so that we can drive the content through established channels. This is the most important step as it influences the rest of the progress throughout the Content Marketing Campaign.

Step 2

Our second step involves planning the content that we are going to target as a team. This could be a blog, infographic or even a website. The content choice is formed on various factors such as the most effective content type for your business, the best delivery of the content and more. We usually look at several options that can work alongside each other, such as create a blog post and condensing the content into an infographic.

Step 3

Our third step is one of the most important. This is where we execute the content of which we have decided upon in step 2. We will look at the content types and content we have planned and our team will work to create the content in advance, following a strategy that we will have previously created for your business. We will publish and them market through the channels which we have previously decided upon.

Step 4

Our fourth and final step is the research step. This is where we look at the content we have published and the channels we have used to market the content and look into the results. We will also compare the results to previous content that you have published to see how the marketing of the content has benefitted the content choice. Our team will then tweak and publish again, this is to find the best channel and content type!