Why Is Content Essential For Every Website?

Content really is essential for every website. Being able to rank high on Google is a dream for every website owner, and having a good amount of content on your webpages is one of the main factors that Google looks for when ranking websites for specific keywords. In this blog post, we have written the exact reasons of why content is essential for every website and how you can add content to benefit your business online.

How does it affect my SEO ranking?

When Google or other search engines are crawling your website, they are looking for content quantity. Content is really one of the only things where the “quality over quantity” rule doesn’t apply. Of course, quality is great to have and you must be unique to prevent Google detecting duplicate content however you need to ensure that you have some length to it too. There are many reasons why Google needs to see content to rank your website.

The main reason it affects SEO Ranking is because Google ranks based on how authentic your website is, alongside many other aspects. If google only sees 100-200 words on a single page, the algorithm will automatically assume that your website is suspicious and therefore rank it lower than somebody who has a website within the same area with a good amount of content. Adding extra content on your Homepage is a must as this is the first page that the Google Crawling Bots will visit to check out your website.

Secondly, it affects your SEO Ranking because content usually includes the keywords that you would like to be ranked and noticed for when you are on the web. Being able to embed these keywords and also other variations of these words into your website really is essential to boosting both your ranking and your traffic count. Google notices that you have used these keywords and therefore ensures that your website is within those keywords. Now if you don’t have any content or even much content on your website, then you are going to miss out on having these keywords on your website and therefore miss out on ranking for them.

How does content help with visitors?

Having a good amount of content is not just an SEO thing. It is also the main aspect of a good looking, functioning website. Now, this type of content is mixed between written copy and images as you want to add content for your visitors but you don’t want a page that is just mixed up of random words!

When a new visitor lands on your website, you want to deliver content and a message straight away. Having a good amount of written copy on your website can help them to engage with your website and really take in what you have displayed, and it also can prevent any “Bouncing Visitors” on your website. They might also convert into customers depending on their thought to the content you have written!

How can I add content to my website?

You can add content to your website by adding more detail to your pages across your site. So on your about page, make sure that you have added everything you possibly can and that if you was a visitor to your own website, would you have enough information and detail about the business?

On your Homepage, add some content about your business. When you first opened etc, and also add in some content in relation to your about page. This could be a couple of sentences with a link to your about page. This will not only forward your visitors, but also add some extra content too!

If you want to add a mass amount of content to your website then write some blog posts. This can help hugely with all websites as being able to write posts about the area your website operates within can show that you know your stuff, it can help you with ranking and also help you with overall content!

Try it today, try adding some extra content to your website!

Ryan Houghton – Selected Marketing

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