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Frequently Asked Questions:

Below we have answered many questions that our visitors and clients ask on a regular basis! You may find the answer to your question below however if not, then just fill in our form and ask a member of our team!

We work with anybody who needs our services! As you can see from our Case Studies page, we have worked with a whole range of clients and we always create and develop strategies and plans for each client anyway. So even if you own a shop and we have already worked with a shop, you will still have a unique strategy that is created to develop results for you!

If you would like us to then of course! However this will incur a monthly cost on top of the design cost of your site. A lot of our clients like to provide their own hosting and this is also an option! 

You can indeed! When you are in contact with a member of our team here at Selected Marketing, just mention that you would like to package your website design along with hosting and a domain name and we will make it happen! We will just add an additional cost on top of the current price for the design however a domain name isn’t usually expensive!

When deciding upon a domain name however, it is entirely your choice however please remember that the internet is a big place, a lot of the common domains will be taken!

Once we have created a website for you and you have paid your outstanding balance in full, then you own the website, it is all yours! We always add our agency name in the footer as it lets people know where to go if they want a website similar however we can’t force you to keep it, if you would like to remove the link, you can.

However, if you are also hosting your website through Selected Marketing and you miss 2 monthly payments in a row or you stop hosting with us then your website will no longer be online. We can send you a copy of the website files of which we have created however it is your own responsibility to keep the files and hosting online.

If you are paying your outstanding balance over the course of a few months via one of our payment plans then you won’t of yet received your website. 

We would love to welcome you to our team, however we don’t always have vacancies! When we are recruiting, you can check our website or our Social Media to find posts in regards to the position we are looking for!

If you work within Marketing, Social Media or another aspect of Business and you are currently looking for a job, please email and we will ensure that we can find you a position somewhere, even if we aren’t recruiting!

Don’t worry! Here at Selected Marketing we know just how hard starting a business is! If you need help with your services then we here to help. If you need help with general business topics, you can check our blog where we regularly write content in regards to areas of marketing and business.

However if you would like one of our services then you can pay for our services across a period of time on a Payment Plan. Please contact the team above or through one of our dedicated services forms to find out how.

12 Months: 10% APR
24 Months: 12.5% APR