Carl's Garden Maintenance - Case Study

Case Study

Carl's Garden Maintenance


About The Client:
Carl’s Garden Maintenance is a Small Garden Maintenance business located in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. They provide a range of services from Grass Cutting to Weeding.

How did we work with the Client?:
We began working with Carl’s Garden Maintenance at the start of April 2019 as a Start-Up Business. Our first step was one that we have taken with several of our previous clients which is to enter them into the world of Social. They did have several clients before entering the world of Social Media however they wanted to open up to more clients and we enabled them to do exactly that. We created a Facebook Page for the business that allowed them to have a platform to post advertisements, previous work and more. We then used this platform to drive sales through post sharing and also previous clients.

The Results:
After working with Carl’s Garden Maintenance, we left them with a structured platform to continue growing their customer base and Social Profiles. We worked with them to Marketing & Manage their Social Profiles and also to create Sales Strategies surrounding their Social Platforms. We helped them to gain traction of which they did successfully and they still work with the clients that were acquired through our Social Strategy today, on a monthly basis. With Garden Maintenance being a Seasonal Business, we adapted our strategy to ensure that they would still grow and develop through the downtime during winter and we can’t want to work with them in 2020 with a brand new strategy.

Services This Client Received:

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