How You Can Use Social To Increase Avon Sales!

Whether you sell Avon, Body Shop or even products of your own, if you aren’t using Social Media to increase those sales then you really are missing out! Posting your brochures is great, however in 2019, relying on just book sales to pay a good commission is a thing of the past. In this blog post, we have written some of the best sales strategies and techniques for Social that require next to no Financial Input!

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How you can use Social to increase Avon sales:

1. Creating a Facebook Page

If you haven’t already, make sure that you create a Facebook Page for whatever you are selling. This works no matter the brand or product you are selling, whether it be Makeup or even Children’s Toys! By creating a Facebook Page, you are creating your own platform for selling and this is helpful for the people that want to view your products. When creating a page, you can invite all of your Facebook Friends to like your Facebook Page, DO THIS! Invite all of them and every time you add a new friend, invite them too! This is a great way of expanding your Page and audience. The more people you pitch to, the more potential sales you could have! Alongside that, a page will give you a platform to post on. Posting on Facebook is great but you are only appealing to your friends and friends of friends. By posting on a Page, this will allow users of Facebook to use the Search Bar as a Search Engine! If they search “Campaign 19 Avon” into the bar and you have recently published a post with those words in, you will become a result! How useful is that?

2. Sharing Those Facebook Posts

Creating a Facebook Page and inviting your friends is the first step, however, you are unlikely to actually convert any of your page visitors into customers as you are not really appealing to them or adding value. This is where the sharing function comes into play. When you write a post onto your Facebook Page, you will notice the 3 Facebook Functions. These 3 being “Like”, “Comment” and “Share”. When you click on share on a Mobile Device, you will be able to copy the link of the post you are trying to share. Copy the link! Then you want to be looking in Local Groups around the area you live within for places to post this link. Your best groups to do this within are Local “Things For Sale” Groups as these groups are designed for selling things and that is exactly what you are doing! You can go with 2 approaches when it comes to sharing your posts. You can either share general advertisement posts or share the link to your online store through Avon to allow your visitors to order seamlessly and easily!

3. Posting Images of products

When posting on your Facebook Page or even other Social Platforms, you want to be including images of products from your business. For Example, if you are posting about Avon and you are trying to sell Avon Products, posting images about Dry Oil Spray is a great idea due to the fact that it is one of the best products Avon has to offer and also because of the fact that a lot of people have seen and heard about how good it is! By posting pictures of products, you are allowing your visitors to see the actual product and what they are potentially going to buy. Alongside this, by taking the picture yourself while you hold it or maybe while it is on your Table shows your visitors that somebody such as yourself actually owns this product which is a reassurance that it is worth buying!

4. Getting Your Friends To Share

With Social, you are always in connection with at least somebody. This is great when you are trying to sell and promote your posts on Social Media such as Facebook. Let’s say you have shared your post in Facebook Groups and you are still wanting to do more. Take a look at your Facebook Friends List and see who you have that could help you out. It could be a friend or even family, just somebody. When you have found somebody, send them a message asking them to share your post on their timeline. You could write something such as:

Hi [NAME],

If you didn’t know, I’m selling [PRODUCT/BRAND] now! I was wondering if you or anybody you knew was interested in buying Makeup or even general gifts? I have an online store and a range of brochures for you to look at if you are!

Also is there any chance you could share my post? [LINK HERE] as I would love to reach even more people with these great products!


It really is as simple as that and as you are messaging friends and family, they are very unlikely to say no! You could gain an extra sale or two just by reaching out to somebody else friends list! The people who see the post might even like your page so you can continue to reach them!

5. Giving away items in return for liking/following your page

No matter who you are or what you do for a living, if you are from the United Kingdom, you love anything that is Free! Whether it be a slice of rubbish cake at your local Asda or whether it be a magazine that you will probably never read! That is why so many businesses give items away in the UK every year, to target those people who just love a good freebie! You can also target these people! For Example, if you are selling Avon, you could create a giveaway where you are giving out a Lipstick or a Shadow Pallet for Free however to enter this giveaway and actually receive a chance of winning, they must like and share your page! By doing this, you are being shared out to more people and you are also promoting a product! Alongside this, if somebody doesn’t win your free product but they want it anyway, then they are going to purchase it from you anyway, meaning more sales!


If you are selling products such as Avon or Body Shop and you are looking to increase your sales then Social is the place to be! Using Facebook can not only increase sales but it really does let you “Work from home”!

Our Team will be releasing more content around Selling and Avon over the next couple of weeks so be sure to take a look at our other posts!

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