About Selected Marketing.

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A few words about us!

Selected Marketing is a Marketing & Social Agency based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. We offer a whole range of services from Digital Marketing & Social Media to Search Engine Optimisation & Website Design. We work with a range of clients providing these services to help them reach even more people on the web and also to grow their audience and customer base.

We opened our doors at the start of 2019 with the aim and goal of providing the best services that we possibly can. Whether it is adding a few features to a website or writing a strategy for a flower shop, every business should have the opportunity to succeed and we make that possible! We work around the clock to ensure that we are up to date with any changes to platforms like Facebook & Google, so that we can ensure our clients are in the best place possible, as soon as possible!

A lot of the UK Marketing Agencies forget the main aspect of being a Marketing Agency which is helping businesses across the globe succeed, and that is exactly what we haven’t forgot! We work with and have previously worked with a whole range of clients to help them succeed by providing a range of services along the way. Whether the client wants to appear first on Google for a specific keyword or they want a full website creating, nothing is too much for the team here at Selected and that is what makes us unique!

Ryan Houghton, Managing Director

“When it came to creating and launching the Selected Brand, I wanted to create something that was different and unique compared to the other agencies around both Doncaster and the United Kingdom. We wanted to provide services that could change the way a business would succeed today. A lot of our clients have been businesses that have been previously struggling and we have managed to provide the right services and strategies to enable them to turn around. A lot of agencies are too income focused and that is the biggest issue with this market and industry. We know and believe that Marketing is a lot more than earning an income, it is about helping businesses grow and develop and that is exactly what we do here at Selected.”